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As well as producing a fair and balanced set of fixtures, sports administrators increasingly need to accommodate other constraints such as travel, TV, venue availability, policing and requirements for particular matches to be on specific dates. Our optimisation approach in conjunction with powerful computer hardware allows the computer to scan the millions of possibilities in minutes in order to find the best possible solution. There is no constraint that our set up cannot accommodate.

Below is a list of some of the constraints which we are typically asked to address:

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Maximise alternation of home and away games for each team
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Avoid runs of 3 or more consecutive home or away games
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Accommodate a 'conference-type' set up
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Avoid 4 out of 5 home or away games - HHAHH or HHAHH
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Accommodate home or away requests from each team
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For pairs of teams it is often important that only one is at home. They may share a venue or for congestion/policing/resource/transport reasons it is helpful for only one to be at home.
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It may be desirable to have a number of consecutive away matches.
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It may be desirable for a team to minimise travelling by playing a run of games in one geographical area.
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It may be desirable to have local derbies or rivalries on particular dates
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It may be necessary for sets of midweek games to be between 'nearby' teams
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It may be desirable to avoid 'big' teams playing at or near the start or end of the season
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Matches which involve a lot of travelling may need to be played at particular times of the season
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TV schedules can dictate the dates of games.
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Split a league mid season
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Strict home and away alternation at particular time eg start of season, end of season.

If you are interested in using our service then forward all the relevant information and constraints to

Fixture Generators

For leagues or tournaments faced with standard scheduling requirements, we offer downloadable Excel Fixture Generators. Separate packages are available for competitions which are 'season-long', one-off tournaments or Cup/Knock-out competitions.

There are 3 Fixture Generators available

Fixture Generator

League Fixture Generator

Suitable for leagues which are run over a season


Tournament Generator

Tournament Generator

Suitable for tournaments which are run over one or a small number of days


Cup Generator


Suitable for Knockout or cup competitions with up to 64 competitors



  • We engaged the services of Sports Fixture Systems to assist us with the ever increasing demands and intricacies of fixture scheduling the Danske Bank Premiership and NI Football League Championship leagues. We have many factors to consider when producing our fixture lists, availability of club venues, ground sharing, police and safety issues, travel distances and that specific fixtures which need to be played on specific dates, most notably our ‘Derby fixtures’ which alternate venue each Boxing Day. The experience and expertise of Sports Fixture Systems allowed us to develop our fixture lists in a less stress free and timely fashion. I would recommend the services of Sports Fixture Systems to any sporting body who require an efficient and reliable solution to assist with their fixture compilationAndrew Johnston, Managing Director Northern Ireland Football League Ltd
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  • Sports Fixture Systems have compiled the fixture lists for the NOW: Pensions Men’s Hockey League and Investec Women’s Hockey League, the English national hockey leagues, since 2015. This is a complex process involving 80 clubs in eight divisions playing home and away. There are many different factors that need to be accounted for including travel, clashes that have to be avoided, availability of clubs’ venues and specific fixtures being played on specific days. Sports Fixture Systems provide very methodical, prompt and accurate support which allows us to provide our clubs with an excellent service. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any organisation that needs help with fixture compilation.Stephen Barlow England Hockey Competitions Manager
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  • We contacted Sports Fixture Systems during the 2015 off season to assist us with ever increasing difficulty of scheduling a WA Premier Cricket Season. Sports Fixture Systems were extremely thorough and diligent in making sure that all our criteria for fixtures were met and provided us with a suitable fixture list in a timely manner. We would recommend Sports Fixture Systems for any sporting organisation needing a way to troubleshoot any fixture issues.Luke Douglas, Competitions Coordinator, Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA)
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  • The service provided by Sports Fixture Systems has, greatly enhanced the reputation of the Milk Cup Tournament. The competition is quite complicated. All sorts of different criteria need to be accommodated. The input of Sports Fixture Systems has meant that solutions are found in a fraction of the time than previously.Jimmy Weir OBE, founder of the ‘Milk Cup’, UK
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